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Julie A. McCann

Imperial College London


​Prof Julie A. McCann is Professor of Computer Systems at Imperial College London (IC), where she leads the Adaptive Embedded Systems Engineering Research Group, is Director for Imperial Centre for Smart Connected Futures, Co-Directors of the Intel Collaborative Research Institute for Sustainable Cities and the NEC Smart Water Systems Lab and has many other substantive projects with industry and academia with a focus on networking and sensing/actuation infrastructures to support environments such as smart cities, water and gas networks, energy/water/food nexus, precision farming and has a patented sensing infrastructure for sensorless industrial equipment monitoring. Her research centres on highly decentralized and self-organizing, scalable embedded frugal computing systems. Publishing in A* venues, she is a Fellow of the British Computer Society and is the Associate Editor for ACM TAAS, Chair for the ACM SASO, IEEE SECON, SMARTCOMP has been on the programme committee for IEEE INFOCOM, ACM UBICOMP and many more.
From IoT to Ephemeral Computing: understanding cyber-physical interactions for monitoring and control​

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  • WednesdayNovember 8
10:30 AM

From IoT to Ephemeral Computing: Understanding Cyber-Physical Interactions for Monitoring and Control