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  • Wednesday, November 8, 2017
  • 14:30 - 15:00

Resource Sharing and Exchange of Services in Wireless Networks: Theory and Novel Realizations

The proliferation of mobile internet access poses new challenges to wireless service providers as the capacity growth of their networks cannot cope with the rate of increase of mobile wireless traffic. Alternate means are considered to deal with the excessive traffic demand, that exploit the proliferation of wireless networks in unlicensed parts of the spectrum as well as of handheld devices with multiple radio interfaces. Traffic off-loading from the cellular network to a wifi access point is possible for mobile users with wireless interfaces for both networks. We will present schemes that motivate operators, access point owners and users to cooperate in order to maximize use of available capacity in the different networks; the schemes are based on double auction mechanisms.In an alternate approach, a mobile user may gain internet access when another user with cellular internet connection is willing to relay its traffic received through a direct link between the users. We will present incentives mechanisms that facilitate the creation of such User Provided Networks (UPN) in a way that all participants gain in terms of access capacity as well as energy consumption. Finally will present a design and implementation of a novel cloud-controlled UPN that employs SDN support on mobile terminals,to dynamically apply data forwarding policies with adaptive flow-control.