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  • Tuesday, November 7, 2017
  • 14:30 - 15:00

Harnessing a Revolution in Earth Observation: from CubeSats, UAVs and IoTs to Machine Learning and Big-Data Analysis

We are witnessing the emergence of new and exciting earth observing technologies with the potential to revolutionize how we undertake, and interpret, the sensing of our environment. From advanced shoe-box sized CubeSats, to the rise of unmanned aerial vehicles, monitoring the earth has never been more precise, or the data more attainable. Other technologies beckon, including stratospheric balloons and solar planes, as well as enhanced ground-based capabilities that include distributed networks of miniaturized sensors, and other internet enabled devices. Developing smart and efficient techniques to interpret this data deluge, together with approaches that extract the signal from the noise, has never been more important. Here we examine the application of some of these emerging sensing technologies and analysis techniques to the field of agriculture, highlighting how new observation platforms offer enhanced insights into crop health and condition, and enable the delivery of smart-farming approaches that provide farmers with actionable intelligence. When combined with more numerical modeling approaches, these observation streams will help to deliver needed improvements in the management of our global food and water resources.